To participate in this year's Wings of Hope Achievement Awards:

    • Choose onmember of your team to fill out the form first, giving your team a name.
    • This member will be asked to give email addresses of other team members (correct and current addresses please!)
    • Each of these other team members will individually be sent an email to sign up.
    • Each team member will be sent a payment link to pay £15.00 to Wings of Hope, using PayPal.
    • Please note that there will be no refunds paid for those who choose not to continue with the programme
    • If you choose not to use PayPal, then pay by bank transfer directly from you or your parents account into that of Wings of Hope.

Request Wings of Hope Bank Details

Thank you!

Code of behaviour for Students

By signing up for WOHAA, you are signing up to our Code of Conduct, which includes a zero tolerance policy on Bullying and anti social behaviour on and off-line to fellow participants, staff and volunteer members of WOHAA, teachers, parents/guardians and any members of the Public you interact with whilst representing Wings of Hope.

Wings of Hope operate a strict safeguarding policy for students/volunteers and staff in compliance with UK Government Policies such as DBS ( Disclosure and Barring Service ).

Wings of Hope strictly follow UK Government Policy on Equality Act 2010 and gives equal opportunities to students and staff of all races, religions, sexuality and disabilities.

For more information, please email – [email protected]