Our corporate clients are invested in getting the best and brightest inspired for their future careers, and so they run industry skills workshops for WOHAA participants.

Check out our 2019 Accelerator Day at the London Business School too!

One of our previous workshops was run by TATA Consultancy who are one of our partners 

TATA Consultancy Services are a worldwide consultancy firm, who combine tech expertise with business intelligence to create the best results for their clients. They work on all continents, in banking and finance, public services, energy, and communications, using big data and working in artificial intelligence to build the best efficiencies.

This workshop was held in their Central London offices, and aimed to help WOHAA students learn more about TATA itself, as well as other connected careers. Students were able to explore what skills they would need, and what career paths they would take in this area. A Q and A with industry experts allowed them to ask directly for help and advice going forward!

Many were surprised to hear that you don’t have to be a computer genius to work for TCS and were excited to learn about roles in the legal, sales, HR and corporate sides of the business. The afternoon was rounded up with an insightful talk from HR experts from the organisation, who gave a number of ‘insider tips’ on CV writing and interesting advice on job applications and interviews.

We are very grateful to TCS for their time and so happy that all our students had such a productive and exciting day!

Another great event was the Money Skills workshop run by Barclays - over 40 Secondary and Sixth Form students came from across the county to Barclay's offices in Cheapside, central London, to attend a Money Skills Workshop hosted by one of our corporate sponsors.

The afternoon was a tremendous success, and students were extremely positive, saying the workshop was informative, inspiring and engaging. Students were given the unique opportunity to access the expertise and knowledge of top professionals from the banking sector. Not only will such workshops provide students with invaluable advice and understanding of finance within their fundraising projects but also with their personal lives – skills that they will not learn in school!