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Welcome Pack for Students

The most useful tool around - our downloadable Student Welcome Pack has all the answers in your quest for funds! Packed full of hints, tips and entrepreneurial ideas, its like a paper-thin Alan Sugar without the attitude. Stuck on ideas? Check out our Ideas Factory here and some starter ideas here!

Fundraising Pack

Full of FUNdraising hints and tips, our 'How to Fundraise Pack' will kickstart your brainstorming and give you loads of ideas and strategies to get the best results!

Once you've started making some money (hopefully!), here's a guide on How to Deal with WOHAA Money.

Use this FRSB tick to reassure anyone giving to you that you are part of an official programme

Student Media Pack

Want to get the word out about WOHAA? Here's our easy Media Pack for instructions on how to promote your events, invite local press to events, how to write a press release, get yourselves on the radio, ake social media your friend and much, much more!


Sponsorship Templates

If you've had a look at our 'How to Fundraise' pack and are good to go, you may need a downloadable fundraising confirmation letter and a Sponsorship form.

Talking of sponsorship, here's a handy guide on exactly what that means and how to get it. 

Plus a template letter we created so you can get started ASAP!

You could think about approaching local businesses, or big businesses, or groups such as Rotary, who do charity work and aim to help out whenever they can. Here's a template to help you get started.

Why not write to your old primary school? They may be able to help out by providing you with a venue for events (e.g. discos, fairs, arts and crafts sessions for little ones and many more!) or you might even be able to negotiate a mufti day... Here's a template to get you started.


What about printable leaflets to give out at your events? Even better though... get creative and design your own! All the info you need is on our website and if you need help, just call your mentor! :)

A banner to really draw people's attention?

We also have a Slideshow to show at your events, as well as a presentation you can show to give people more information about WOHAA!

We're even allowing you access to our super powerful charity logo - use it wisely! Download it here

Fancy some charity bag packing? Download a template letter to request a spot from local supermarkets. Bucket collecting? Here's some tips to get you started, and some information on the appropriate permission you may need to request.


Gift Aid

Do you know any UK taxpayers?? Guess what? With Gift Aid, you can receive an extra 25p for every £1 donated by a UK taxpayer!! That's an extra £5 on a £20 donation!! Here is a downloadable Gift Aid form for you to give to any UK taypayer donors. If you want to be eco-friendly, why not keep a Gift Aid donation sheet to get as many names  as possible all at once!

OR get them to donate online at your official Wings of Hope fundraising page where Gift Aid is claimed back automatically!

Online Fundraising

An online fundraising page is be a great way to raise awareness and money for your projects, and is especially useful for sharing on social media! Read our handy step-by-step guide here and create your own page NOW 

Snapshot Submission

If you're getting to the end of your WOHAA journey, you'll need a Snapshot submission form - find it HERE

And here's some handy guidelines of what we're looking for!

We need lots of evidence to judge your projects - think photos, letters, video diaries, newspaper cuttings, leaflets, budget breakdowns, timelines, profiles, designs, event plans and everything else! Remember - make it FUN, make it DIFFERENT, make it YOU!