My one week of work experience with Edelman I found was quite interesting. I found out how important PR is for huge companies and how much of a positive difference a PR agency can make for a company’s reputation. I was fascinated to see that there were so many departments and how many different roles could be taken on. During my time at Edelman, I did quite a lot of research on journalists for Nissan’s Future Event and learnt about the history of Leicester Square to provide interesting information for a speech that has been made for an event being held by Edwardian Hotels for the opening of The Londoner (in Leicester Square).

As well as doing a few tasks at Edelman and learning more about it as a PR agency, I also got to experience what a work place would be like, and it was completely different to what I had expected. The staff were so friendly and approachable and the atmosphere was lovely. Everyone was so welcoming and it was really nice to have had the experience of working there. I learnt a lot and this has been one of the most valuable work experiences out of all of the experience I’ve had so far for which I would like to thank Edelman, the Wings Of Hope, and my ‘work experience buddy’ Lucy Thornton (Corporate) -- Suruchi, Team Flame

I had a really enjoyable week of work experience with the branding team at Edelman. The week provided an insight into branding PR, and I learnt a great deal about this field of work and how no day is the same! It demonstrated how much work, time and effort is needed in preparation to launch an event or promote a campaign/brand. I assisted the team with a number of events for their clients, and I was shown the importance of communication and having good relationships with co-workers when working as a team to make the event/campaign effective. In addition, my confidence grew from meeting many different people and asking questions about tasks that I was unsure on. Overall, the team were lovely and open about talking about their job, making the week extremely beneficial as it opened my eyes and has made me consider the different types of jobs there are available to do in the future -- Payal, Team Flame