During the October half term, I was lucky to be able to take part in work experience for one week at CREATE Fertility through WOHAA. CREATE Fertility are the UK’s leading Natural and Mild IVF specialists. The company is renowned and unique in what they do which is what really made them appeal to me.

When I first arrived, I was kindly welcomed by staff who took great care of me throughout the week. On my first day, almost straight away, I was put into hospital scrubs and was already in an operation theatre shadowing doctors! During the course of the week, I was able to see and do lots of things that’s I’ve never done before. I got to see many different procedures such as ultrasounds, egg collections and embryonic transplants as well as shadowing nurses in patient consultations. Something that I found particularly exciting though was my time in the lab. Getting to use the highly specialised microscopes and talking to the scientists there was really interesting. In the lab, I got the chance to watch egg and sperm cell fusions, egg cell separations and a sperm analysis.

As an aspiring medic, this opportunity proved to be incredibly valuable and worthwhile. I have learnt and gained so much over the course of the week and was able to do lots of new and enthralling things. I thank all of the staff at CREATE Fertility who made my time at the clinic both exciting and insightful. Thank you to the Wings of Hope too, for whom without, I would not have been able to partake in this experience -- Trisha, Team Cannons