On Sunday 20th January our fantastic WOHAA mentors from London Business School led us in another highly successful ‘Accelerator Day’, enjoyed by students and volunteers alike. We had over 100 WOHAA participants arrive at London Business School opposite the beautiful Regent’s Park brimming with enthusiasm and a desire to make a difference.

The LBS students used their expertise and insight to lead the students through a masterclass in project management and effective teamwork, offering one-to-one advice based on their personal experiences to give the students the tools and resources to turn their incredible ideas into reality. They encouraged the students to break down the challenges of event management into a step-by-step process to help unpack all the actions needed to create a successful event. Over the course of the workshop loose ideas quickly turned into concrete plans under the supervision of the LBS mentors.

The room was filled with potential, creativity and optimism and it was an absolute pleasure to see all the students again, hearing ideas ranging from t-shirt printing to card sales to sponsored runs, reminding us all just how impressive our WOHAA participants are! The day was wrapped up by Damon Clark, the founder and Director of Brandwidth Marketing Group, who delivered a fantastic lesson on leadership. His closing sentiment about how it is always just as important to be the follower as a trailblazing leader was as poignant as it was amusing, reminding the students that being the one to support and stand by a leader is what really enables any dream to become reality.

Students rated the day on average 8/10, stating that they enjoyed the variety of presentations and especially meeting the mentors and other teams participating in WOHAA. One student commented: “Knowing that I will be using the information and advice I got to help children in Malawi and India made me enjoy my day, and being in the same place with people who have similar aspirations with me (helping others) made me happy.”

After a hugely successful day, a big thank you to all those who made the day possible. The LBS students brought energy and dynamism, and special thanks to Damon Clark for bringing his wisdom and experience to help inspire the students.