On the evening of 20th March, the Wings of Hope ran our second Leaders in Education Evening, an event which brings together Headteachers and Senior Leadership from across the UK for an evening of leadership advice, tips, and insights, from the esteemed Professor Randall Peterson - an expert on leadership and management.

As an international children’s charity, the Wings of Hope is engaged in inspiring and empowering young future leaders, both in the UK through the Wings of Hope Achievement Awards (WOHAA), and through educational work in India and Malawi.

After settling into the beautiful setting of London Business School with some networking, the evening opened with an introduction to the Wings of Hope and WOHAA, featuring a presentation from two current WOHAA participants from Blackheath High School. They spoke to the audience about their WOHAA journey as their team is now in their third year of participating in WOHAA, learning communication, leadership and enterprise skills through a wide variety of fundraising projects.

Following this came the evening’s highlight – the workshop on leadership in education led by Professor Peterson. As a world-famous academic on the subject, as well as a Chair of Governors for Parayhouse School, the Professor first took us through the different academic theories of leadership providing accessible examples of each. The body of the workshop discussed the impact of leader personality on team culture, breaking down the personality traits and trends shown in leaders’ behaviour. Guests were encouraged to be self-reflective and the Professor’s use of humour and accessible imagery really opened up the discussion. As part of the evening, guests had previously been given the opportunity to take an exclusive personality test which analysed the 5 main personality traits, scoring each participant in relation to the group and population averages. We went through these results in the final part of the workshop and discovered that as a group we scored very highly on conscientiousness and agreeableness – results also shared by President Obama!


Every guest found the evening to be enormously helpful, especially the opportunity to gain insight not only into their personality results, but also their own leadership struggles – questions revolved around how to cope with transition periods between leadership, and the benefits of tearing up the rulebook when coming into a position of leadership.

The chance to come together with other senior leaders in a space of engagement and collective learning was much appreciated by all our guests, who found it “engaging, informative, and superb!”

A big thank you to all our guests, the supportive team at London Business School and of course the wonderful Professor Peterson.