It is with great sadness that we wish to inform you, that the Principal of our supported school in Chennai, South India, Mrs. SaiMeera Loganathan, passed away on new year's day of COVID. She leaves behind a husband, daughter, son and elderly parents.

Our relationship with SaiMeera goes a long way (17 years now), and due to her vision and forward thinking, the school has made tremendous progress, both academically as well as in sports, especially yoga, where her students are national champions.

Our annual WOHAA winners trip to the school, was carefully planned by her to deliver the best possible experience for our UK students ensuring that it was a trip of a lifetime, and a great way to learn from each other. Our students have prepared and delivered lessons in most subjects and taught French, Spanish, Latin and German to their counterparts at the school. Games were part of the learning and the last day of the trip was specially memorable, when both our students and theirs put together a great afternoon of dance, music and drama!

She shall be dearly missed.