Hear from previous teams on their success!

YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhhDiCn-YVM

See the 2019 Overall winners of WOHAA - Team Celestial share their WOHAA journey

YouTube Video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFfMkGzbop8

See the 2019 - Community action winners of WOHAA - Team Internationals

YouTube Video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hzPusf9S8w

See the 2019 -  Most funds raised category of WOHAA - Team Delta

With our current restrictions due to COVID-19, here are some other ideas:

  • Virtual gig nights
  • Virtual Halloween parties
  • Virtual sponsored stationary bike rides 
  • Virtual best dish competitions
  • Virtual quizzes
  • Virtual bingo
  • Virtual singing competitions
  • Virtual poetry recitation competitions
  • Virtual fashion show contest
  • Virtual spelling bee contests
  • Virtual Dance-a-thon
  • Home bake sales for your family and neighbours
  • Car washes
  • Christmas gift wrapping for family and neighbours
  • 24 hour fasting
  • Car boot sales 
  • Music concerts
  • Monopoly runs…
  • Chili-eating contests
Or see our full list of 101 fundraising ideas!!

Sky high

A group of boys from Hertforshire did a sponsored sky dive from 20,000ft 

Ebay loving

A group of girls managed to secure a high bundle of signed celebrity merchandise and auctioned it off on ebay.

Sleeping rough

Inspired by the film “Slumdog millionaire”, one team built their own ‘shanty town’ and spent the night outdoors.

World Records

World record attempts – one team of boys managed to endure a 36 hour football match!

Pumped Up

A team sold over 1500 balloons for £5 with the person’s name and contact phone number attached. As part of a prize draw they got in touch with Airmiles Travel Co, and made a presentation to them about their aims and what Wings of Hope Children’s Charity is all about. In return Airmiles gave the team 3 prizes to give away which included return tickets to Australia, New York and Europe. Before the release they informed the local police and made sure the airways were cleared with the Civil Aviation Authority. The farthest balloon landed in Belgium!

    Here are some more videos from previous years

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    Good luck!