No one is ever too young to make a difference.

This is why we have chosen to actively raise funds for the incredible Wings of Hope. Wings of Hope is a charity who run WOHAA, a programme which allows teenagers across the UK like us (Grace, Katrina, Leanne, Phenomena, Timi and Durotimi) an opportunity to take initiative and organise fundraising events to raise awareness for those in India and Malawi. We are fortunate enough to often take education and over necessities for granted when many are still suffering from lack of education and are poverty-stricken. WOHAA gives us a chance to aid those in need of free education but we need your help!

If education is something you feel passionately about and you want to help us make a difference to those who find it harder to access it, feel free to donate.

Every donation matters.

Thank you for your support!

Team Yeehaw!

Katrina Fay