We are four Year 12 students, from Beal High School and the Newham Collegiate Sixth Form, who are participating in the Wings of Hope Achievement Award, a social enterprise program that not only aims to provide free education for children in India and Malawi but also indefinitely strives to educate and cultivate skills within the participants, in order to sculpture our future leaders of the world.

 As a collective, we have all wanted and strived to make a difference in the world! After hearing about WOHAA, we just had to sign up. WOHAA truly gave us a unique and amazing opportunity to explore our enthusiasm for giving while also enabling conversation with others who shared the same passion. WOHAA Teams in the past have created life-changing work and transformed the lives of many who previously didn't have the luxury of an education. We just had to be a part of it!

That's us as a whole, but if you want to know each of us in a little more detail, carry on reading.

Hey, I'm Shanjika. I love to participate in sporty activities, especially swimming, Taekwondo, and Bharatanatyam. I've always embraced the arts, whether it be playing the piano or creating artworks such as drawing or painting. In the late future, I hope to be an entrepreneur, perhaps the next Elon Musk. 

Hi! I'm Keanu - the most awesome person you'll ever meet! I love reading and listening to music, but I absolutely despise cashews and people who wear crocs, like, why people? That's about it, to be honest. 

Sup! I'm Sabz, a 16-year Aquarius who's keen on reading and into a few fandoms here and there. Pineapple on pizza rocks and anchovies are disgusting. Also, an avid writer in the making, fingers crossed.

Hi, I'm Avni, a Hufflepuff in love with all things musical, especially Hamilton and SIX. I love drawing and messing around with paints, but that doesn't mean you won't hear me singing.

We would be extremely thankful if you could help us out by donating to truly make a monumental difference in someone's life. We will be carrying out some beneficial and eventful opportunities for the upcoming days. Everyone deserves the right to education, join us as we strive to make children's dreams and aspirations become real life.

£250 sponsors the education of a child in India for a year, and £150 sponsors the education of a child in Malawi, which is less than 70p and 50p a day so please give generously if you can, every little help!

Thank you so much,

Team The Crusaders

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