Surya Senthilkumar and I are 2 students in year 12 from St Olave's Grammar School who are part of the WOHAA programme, a social enterprise programme where UK students run amazing fundraising projects and events to help provide free education for children in India and Malawi.
In Malawi, 250,000 children do not go to school and, in India, this figure is even larger, with 6 million children not going to school. £250 sponsors the education of a child in India for a year, and £150 sponsors the education of a child in Malawi, which is less than 70p and 50p a day. We believe that education is a human right and, by donating, you will fulfil a child's dream of becoming a doctor, engineer, astronaut, etc. with the education they have received. Please donate as much as you can because every donation counts for these children. Together, we can give every child in India and Malawi a free education.

Thank you so much,
Team Shockwave Luxan Sureshan Surya Senthilkumar