We are Team Saved Dreams and we are 5 Year 9 girls from Lampton School,Hounslow,Greater London raising money for children in Chennai and Malawi so that they can have a free education. We took Part in WOHAA since you learn so many new, different things like team work, time management, effective communication and pricing strategies all while doing it for a good cause. We are reminded every day of how grateful we are to have a good education and how important it is, so we want the children in Chennai and Malawi to have a stable education which could change their lives! We would really love it if you could help us out by donating to our cause especially because of Corona virus it makes it even harder for them to have an education at this time.
It only costs £250 for 1 year of school for a child in India and £150 for 1 year of school for a child in Malawi, which is like 70p a day . So any amount of money donated is greatly appreciated! If you have any further questions please comment below and we will get back to you as fast as possible.
Many Thanks,
Team Saved Dreams
(Radha,Fatima,Amber,Tanvi,Julia and Walusha) Radha Bakshi