We all instantly felt connected to the idea. Not only was it a competition, but it was also a chance to give back to the community. During this day and age we all take for granted the education that was given to us for free choice. For many of us it was pure luck that our ancestors and the older generations decided to migrate to countries such as England, therefore, giving us an automatic advantage for our futures and secured ticket into the educational system.

Education has become so normal and generalised for us now that sometimes we believe we are being forced into it. School feels more like a burden than a necessity. Unfortunately, we are fussing many children in lower developed countries than ours are not receiving even primary education despite yearning for it.with all of our team members coming from different ethnic minority backgrounds ourselves, we understand how differently many of our stories could have went. Instead of studying 3/4 A-levels, we could have been struggling to choose between a warm house or a full stomach. Receiving even a primary education may not have been in the question. As students of Featherstone High Sixth Form, we are all constantly being given career guidance and extracurricular opportunities. However, without primary education the likelihood of getting a job decreases 3 folds. This is why we would like to raise as much money as possible. We would like to leave you with one last quote ‘Giving is not just about making a donation it’s about making a difference’.

Yours truly, Team Poseidon

Isha Sohail