Hana Hadidi
We are team Poppies, consists of 3 members at the moment, from the years 9 and 10. We have decided to do this programme with the goal of achieving the best we can and challenging ourselves to see what we can achieve, as well as our true potential by organising cool fundraising projects. But we need your help too! The WOHAA program only works if you help us too, let us all be part of the resolution and help the children in Malawi to receive the education we all deserve. To create awareness, make an impact and create resolutions for problems faced by those in different countries. We want to show you our collaboration and how we too want to be part of the resolution, rather than the problem, which consists of these children not getting an education. This team hopes to be and strives to portray the true will of the diverse british society to save our sister and brothers from being illiterate and facing further hardships. Poppies are all about remembering the soldiers who have died, we also want to remember the strength and will they had, and translate a little bit of it into today's society and see how far we as a team can go.
Every little helps, but the more the better. To put it into perspective £150 is enough to sponsor a single child in Malawi, the same amount for an old phone. A little goes a long way, so sponsor away.
Thanks for your support. Hana Hadidi