We believe that Wings Of Hope is the best means of charity, due to their range of aims within their 17 goals, of which we support all of them. From gender equality to climate action, all of the Wings of Hope principles hold an important places with our moral compasses, as each of them deserves our attention and fundraising.
We feel honoured to be in a position where we can help with the money aspect of the charity, as their aims encapsulate our own wishes and values for the children within India and Malawi. Our group really admire the work that Wings Of Hope has already carried out, and wish to be a part of it. We already strife within our own communities to support the dreams and education of children, which we find extremely rewarding.
Lucy, our team leader, currently volunteers within a local primary school, helping with reading, as she values the importance of education through enjoyment of literature.
Ella provides coaching to a ranging of children within gymnastics, so that they reach their full potential within their chosen sport. Her class includes children of different abilities, some with disabilities and special needs.This displays her valuing the necessity of discipline within physical activity, and the things that it teaches a child. She has been do this for many years, showing her commitment.
Emma has been active in volunteering/working in the water sports industry for many years, as she is an experienced sailor. Within this, she has worked with lots of children and young people; this conveys her dedication to something she enjoys.
Both Annie and Eve work in a toyshop, in which they consistently interact with children; in this setting they have improved their professional communication skills as well as organisation and time keeping.
Annie has also participated in nannying in the past, where she was responsible for the safe guarding of multiple children; this activity she enjoyed, as she felt that she made a positive impact of the children within her care.
Eve in the past has taken part in volunteering within the nursery of a primary school, where she helped educate children from a very young age.
In summary, Team Genuine strives to provide the Wings Of Hope organisation with as much time as necessary to reach our fundraising goal, in order to provide extra funds to the charity. We also would love to attend the trip abroad, so that we could literally provide as much help as we physically can. We are aware of the hardships that these underprivileged children face, and will do all we can to provide support. Lucy Markham