Hello everyone!
We are Benazir Zhetpisbay, Maria Davydova, Sofja Soboleva and Anna Kelbakh in year 12. We are all participating in Wings of Hope which is a charity organisation based in London whose main goal is to support education and its power worldwide. WOHAA is also fundraising money for poor children in India and Malawi in order to provide them with free education.
This is the reason why we are here, in WOHAA! We are passionate about helping those that are not financially, physically or mentally stable. If we could, we would help everyone who is in need.
We would be really grateful if you could donate for this cause. This will also help us become closer to our main goals - being selected for the WOHAA Semi Finals at the Houses of Parliament, win work experience placements or an amazing trip to India and interact with children!
Only one pound a day from 12 people for 12 weeks will let us fundraise £1000. Can you imagine what is it possible to do with this sum? It is 250 school lunches, 25 school uniforms and 13 computers for classrooms.
Your contribution matters!
Thank you very much,

Anna Kelbakh