We are five GCSE students from North London Grammar School fundraising for Wings of Hope. We are keen to take part in this competition as we want to gain new skills to help us get into Further Education and also aid employability after we have graduated from University. 

We also believe that the world that we are living in now can be unfair to some people. Everyone should be provided with the chance of building their own future by getting access to education like we do in the UK. For this reason, as Team Athena, we will be putting our heart and soul into every single event that we do to give a better future for underprivileged children in India and Malawi whilst being creative and whilst having fun. If you want a chance to change lives of young individuals, donate now regardless of the amount because even 50p can create a huge difference in a child's life as £250 sponsors the education of a child in India for a whole YEAR and £150 sponsors the education of a child in Malawi for a whole YEAR. Become a part of our journey and become someone's hope for the future by donating.

Thank you!

Kubra Aydin