Education is a human right. But it is also a gift. You have the power to give this to someone. The next Einstein, the next Sundar Pichai, the next Marie Curie, is on this planet right now. So how can you bear the thought of letting this child be denied that basic right to education when they are the one who could change the world? We, Team Alpha Centauri, a group of Sixth Formers who attend St Olave’s Grammar School, simply could not bear this thought; that children just like us, students just like us, were unable to access these basic rights. Then came WOHAA, a charity pushing young children to raise money so that children in the UK, India, and Malawi can be given the education that they deserve. Every major step towards a better world happens as a result of education, and we recognize that, and hope that you, also, will understand this and donate. £1 could change 1 life, and one person could change the world. Your £1 could change the world.

We have just 12 weeks till our deadline! Our minimum end goal is £3,000 but we have chosen to set up a page here to try and raise at least half of it. However, reaching this goal doesn't mean the education problem in India and Malawi will be solved. How can you help? Maybe you can write and send in your own article about this topic to us, and we will hopefully post it on our website. Think about awareness campaigns that you yourself (or as a group of friends and family) can organise in order to spread the knowledge of the world's current education situation. So, to conclude, even when we reach our goal, please do still consider donating. Thank you so much for your time! :)

Team Alpha Centauri