We are a group of 6 international students from around the world trying to raise money for education for the underprivileged in India and Malawi. While we are fortunate enough to accept further education in Britain, there are a lot of people among us who didn't even have the luxury to receive the most fundamental education. Our team might be an insignificant part of the global community, yet we believe that together we make a difference. We are currently participating in the Wings of hope Achievement award , a charity event in the Uk and we really need your support on this, no matter if you choose to donate or participate in our events. It might be a gesture of minor importance for you, but it could drastically change the life of one.

In Grim situations like the global pandemic, it is of essence that we as a community stand strong together and give out a helping hand in need. While we are sure that a lot of people might have a habit of donating to various charities, Every little sponsor bit to the cause helps. £250 sponsors the education of a child in India for a year, and £150 sponsors the education of a child in Malawi, which is less than 70p and 50p a day so please give generously if you can, every little bit helps!

Our greatest gratitude,
Team 99%

Nicolas Hau