As students living in Great Britain, normally teenagers like us, as well as our classmates, take for granted the amazing education which is gifted to us - free of charge. Unfortunately, there are thousands if not millions of children our age who are not with such a privilege. Without an education, their lives are almost pre-determined, with little opportunities to get a headstart. That’s where this incredible charity of WOHAA come in.

We really are so lucky to have this chance to raise money to completely change the lives of these children, which we plan to achieve through an array of different events, where safety procautions and COVID-19 regulations allow.

Our goal is to empower these children to stand on their feet, to reach their full potential. Our goal is to give them the resources they need to support both themselves and their future families. Our goal is to help.

Like countless other charities and business worldwide, Wings Of Hope have suffered a tremendous amount, which will consequently have huge disadvantages on the children’s behalf. We are therefore even more determined to do our very best to help the lives of so many people. Did you know that costs just £150 to educate a child for a whole year in Malawi? This just proves that every little donation counts, although we welcome and encourage donations of all sizes. Don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid option, to allocate a further 25% of your donation to our cause - for free.

Thank you very much in advance
Team Kindness Rafi Berke