We are 6 students in Year 12 from Yavneh College school in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, who are participating in the Wings of Hope Achievement Award, a social enterprise programme where UK students develop key transferable skills through running amazing fundraising projects and event in order to help provide free education for children in India and Malawi.

We chose to do WOHAA because we are so lucky to have had 15 years of free education, without having to worry about losing our right to education and we believe that every child deserves this. Learning is the building blocks of life; it is how a child discovers their passions and finds the career they want to take on when they grow up. After realising how incredibly blessed we all are, we are dedicated to help the children in Malawi and India build a foundation for their future.

Over the next few months, we are going to be holding fundraisers, auctions, bake sales and more. To be able to support all those amazing children to have the chance to find their passion and plan for the future, we need your help!

We would really love it if you could help us out by donating to our cause. We will be running some exciting events over the next few months, and if we do well, we could be selected for the WOHAA Semi Finals at the Houses of Parliament, win work experience placements or an amazing trip to India! Nevertheless, most importantly we want to raise as much money as possible for the amazing, inspirational, and magnificent people in Malawi and India to have that life changing opportunity of education.

£250 sponsors the education of a child in India for a year, and £150 sponsors the education of a child in Malawi, which is less than 70p and 50p a day so please give generously if you can, every penny helps!
Thank you so much,

aimee soller