The Wings of Hope Achievement Awards is a national social enterprise competition created in order to get UK students involved in helping other students less fortunate than themselves. We encourage our teams to be creative, independent, and develop new skills, including leadership, responsibility and teamwork.

How does it work?

Students work in teams of up to 6 to create and run their own fundraising events and activities, raising money for the Wings of Hope Children's Charity which provides free education to students in India and Malawi. The programme runs alongside school, which allows students to work on their time management skills as well as gain confidence in their individual ideas. There are many opportunities for career development, including skills and industry workshops from our corporate partners, including well-known companies Edelman PR, John Lewis Partnership and more.

There is also a competitive element to the programme: teams who best demonstrate certain skills can win work experience placements, with our winning team gaining the opportunity for an expenses-paid trip to the school we support in India. Have a read of previous teams' experience on this trip.

Who will support my child?

As well as the liaison teacher at each school who provides specific logistical support (e.g. booking the school hall for an event), the WOHAA team are in regular contact with students. Each team will have a WOHAA mentor who provides email and telephone support, helping develop their ideas, and answering questions. We partner with the London Business School, so students receive mentoring from the brightest business minds across the world. We also have a detailed Resource Centre online where students can find inspiration. We ask parents to write a reference letter when students submit their Snapshot projects to us in the spring, but the programme is focused around encouraging and supporting students to explore their own creativities and work independently with the support of our fantastic mentors. Read more about our mentoring.

Please see our FAQs for further information and do not hesitate to contact us directly if any issues arise or you have any other concerns.

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