Whether students run their WOHAA projects in or out of school time depends completely on the students, and on what your school will allow. A reasonable balance of both often works best. Ultimately, we want the students who take part to learn project management skills, by learning to manage their time, and balance WOHAA with their school work. Therefore WOHAA should never interfere with lessons and requires no dedicated curriculum time to be set aside.

Examples of in-school events might include:

– Bake sales over lunch time

– Selling of wristbands in a 6th form common room or shared area

– A school concert that the students have planned themselves and worked out arrangements for use of a school venue with the appropriate teachers

Examples of out-of-school events might include:

– Sponsored sports events

– Flyer-ing/ busking in public places

– Work in their local community

– Charity galas/concerts or any other event for which the students have found and arranged a venue themselves.