WOHAA is open to any student within the age range of 13-18.

In order to be able to continue our high quality of programme and expand this to as many students as possible, we have just two key guidelines for schools to be aware of:

  • we require a minimum of two participating teams (teams can be formed of 1-6 students)
  • over 13 years of fundraising, we have found that teams across all sectors of schools (independent, faith, international, academy, grammar, free, comprehensive) raised on average £500-600 per team.
    Therefore, we would be hoping for a total fundraising total of £1000 for all teams across one school
    (NB: this is a target figure, your school will not be required to make up the difference if there is a shortfall, and equally this is not a cap on your teams' fundraising - many teams raise over £1000 each!)

These guidelines are to ensure we continue to provide our high quality service and to enable us to better manage our annual income predictions, so our projects around the world can continue to empower young people.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to go over these.