Dear Friends and Wellwishers,

This is an unprecendented time in our history. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on the mental health and wellbeing of our students, both here in the UK as well as at our International projects.  Not being able to attend school or any recreational facility, nor having a laugh or 'hanging out' with their friends, means that they are very soon, going to feel isolated and depressed. 

Wings of Hope conducts a lot of workshops, career related events and inspirational speaker events for our students, but not being able to run these, will also have a huge impact on them. Equally our students themselves also conduct events as part of our programme. This income stream is no longer available to us.

We are working extremelly hard to develop innovative new ways to deliver our core services and support online, so that we can continue to support our students in the coming weeks and months.

Please help us to continue to direct this focus where it is needed most, by making donations that will directly translate to their mental wellness, who at this point in time are most at risk from this pandemic.

An Urgent appeal is also being made to support our Slum project in Chennai, India with Food parcels. These children and their families are struggling to have enough food which is currently being rationed by the Government.  With lock down and not being able to work, their parents who are mostly casual labourers are not able to bring any money home for their sustenence.

Your donations will allow us to help them, through this very difficult time.

Gratefully yours,

Rajni Sriram , CEO & Co founder