What is the Wings of Hope Achievement Award (WOHAA) Junior?

We believe that Every Student can Change the World.

WOHAA Junior is for students aged 7-12 years old,to work in teams of up to 4.

Students will run fundraising projects within their school. Part of the money they raise will go towards supporting our existing International projects in India and Malawi.

WOHAA Junior is a holistic challenge- planting seeds at a very young age about volunteering, citizenship and caring for others; thereby contributing to their personal development. In addition, and most importantly, it provides a unique opportunity for them to learn lifelong soft skills like team work, organisation, communication and respect for others.

How will WOHAA Junior work within your school? 

WOHAA Junior will run for 4 weeks within your school, with the deadline for all projects being the end of June. In teams of up to 4, students will have the freedom to design and create their own fundraising projects.  

Teachers are responsible for introducing WOHAA Junior to the students and are at liberty to decide how the school will run the 4 weeks. However, we at the Wings of Hope will be there to lend support throughout the programme. The projects student  teams' choose to do, will be showcased at the end of the 4 week period at the school Trade Fair. A simple Trade Fair with tables is all that is required for students' to display their 'projects '.

Student teams are required to record evidence of their projects in a simple scrapbook.

This must include photographic evidence, a simple spreadsheet summarising their accounts and some testimonials from teachers, head teacher, parents and fellow students.

A further 2 weeks are allowed when scrapbooks need to be completed and sent to us.

After assessment, the winning student team will be invited to the WOHAA Award ceremony along with their teachers/head teacher and parents.

In addition whole schools' will also receive Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards depending on their student teams’ projects.

All student participants will receive a certificate from us.

What are the benefits of your school taking part? 

WOHAA fulfils the Social and Citizenship elements of PSHCE

WOHAA fulfils the Social, Moral and Cultural elements of SMSC

WOHAA helps with the Personal Development Curriculum as required by Ofsted

WOHAA helps fulfil UN’s  SDG’s ( Sustainable Development Goals )

Goal 1 – No poverty

Goal 3 – Good health and well being 

Goal 4 – Quality Education

Goal 5 – Gender Equality


We are happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Please email us at [email protected]