On Sunday 3rd March, the prestigious London Business School was once again host to the Wings of Hope Speed Mentoring, bringing together students from all over Greater London, not to mention from Oxford and Liverpool, to seek careers and life advice from our dynamic young professional mentors.

Our mentors also travelled from Birmingham, Wales, Manchester, Glasgow, Cambridge and across London to attend - really going above and beyond to meet our guests.

The idea of Speed Mentoring is is to give students an opportunity to chat face-to-face with people working in a range of sectors and industries to get advice on anything and everything to do with the world of work and their own future ambitions. As always, the ‘speed-dating’ format allowed students to rotate around different tables during the afternoon, packing in as many questions as they could before the bell rang and they had to move on to the next table!


This year’s mentors ranged from architects, marketing pros, Oxbridge alumni, journalists, fitness trainers, and vets, to those working in design and sustainability, fashion, and entrepreneurs in the tech, charity, and music industries. Plus of course the ever-popular doctors, dentists, accountants, consultants, solicitors and barristers, as well as many more! Many of our mentors also come from different parts of the world, speaking multiple languages and having lived, worked, and studied in various countries, so shared all of these experiences with our guests as well.


Students rated the afternoon overall on average 8.4/10, with 62% giving us 8, 9, or 10 out of 10!

Comments included: "I thoroughly enjoyed the speed mentoring program today and found it remarkably informative... The speed mentoring has been vastly beneficial in eliminating some of my former doubts in my future career interests. Thank you for granting me this opportunity to explore different fields and evaluate career choices for the future.”

"I enjoyed visiting tables I hadn’t considered before, opening up new possibilities and new things I hadn’t given much thought to prior to the event.”

Our mentors also loved chatting to the students, with many commenting on the students' interest and engagement, and enjoying the experience of giving advice they themselves wished they had had at school.

Teachers present also highlighted the value of students being able to ask questions they wouldn't normally be able to, as well as obtaining direct insight into a range of careers.

An enormous thank you to London Business School, our wonderful and dedicated mentors, and to all of you who came!