The GANITH VIGYAN MELA is an annual exhibition hosted by SRDF  VIVEKANANDA VIDYALAYA, in Chennai.

About 13 schools from all over the city participate every year in this event.

In the summer of 2019, students at our school won many prizes both in Science and Maths.

Teachers Day this year was organised entirely by 12th Grade students at the school to show their gratitude to their Teachers who work relentlessly to ensure that the students get the best possible education and develop at as well rounded individuals.

It was a fun-filled day for both teachers and students as many games and activities were conducted.

In November this year, the students of the school cooked simple but holistic food in the school kitchen and distributed it to the residents of an Old Age Home in the vicinity.  This act of kindness shown by the students was hugely appreciated by the old people and the people who run the Home.