On 22nd January 2017, WOHAA participants travelled to London Business School to take part in the Accelerator Day, designed specially by its MBA students (and WOHAA mentors) to develop students’ project management skills.

The afternoon got off to an action-packed start, with students competing in a treasure hunt and other games to break the ice. The teams were excited to meet their mentors in person, but this didn’t stop them from trying to trick the latter into wearing the ‘Cone of Shame’ hat as part of a word game!

Following the activities, the mentors began the workshop, opening with a presentation on project management. Teams were then encouraged to apply this framework to their own fundraising projects, planning out an event with the mentors’ guidance.

School student and London Business School student working on project

After this, students got to hear some top tips from the LBS mentors about events they had carried out in the past. Another highlight for many was the advice given by members of last year’s winning team, Team Rise, about how to succeed in WOHAA. Team Rise touched on important areas such as team coordination, sponsorship, and most importantly – having fun. After the obligatory group photo it was time for goodbyes.

Thank you to all who attended and organised such a fantastic afternoon.

Students overwhelmingly voted the event 9 or 10 out of 10, telling us: 

“I loved coming here to understand what this award was about”

“I learnt a lot, and found solutions to the problems we were facing”

“Really helped improve and refine ideas. We learned a lot about WOHAA and tips to help us achieve our goal”

“Very enjoyable, great hearing from experienced individuals and professionals”