Are you participating in WOHAA 2020-21?

Head straight to the 'Fundraise' button on the right to create your online fundraising page and kickstart those donations!

It's super easy to do, just fill in your details, add yourselves a fundraising target, and click submit.

The WOHAA team will then verify your page for you, and once that's confirmed, you can share your fundraising page with friends, family, neighbours, relatives, teachers, and anyone else you can think of. They can then donate to your team online with no hassle, just using a bank card, and all the funds you receive to your page will be added onto your official WOHAA fundraising total.

So click 'Fundraise' on the right to get started and become an official WOHAA 2020-21 fundraiser!

Top tips

  • add your fundraising page link to your social media accounts to attract more people to your page
  • include the link in your marketing, including on posters for your events
  • when contacting businesses for sponsorship, make sure to include this link if they want to give you a one off donation

Good luck!