We are very grateful for any support provided to us. Here are some ideas if you would like to help out:

£500 sponsors the school education of a 13-18 year old child in our Indian school for a year

£150 sponsors the school education of a 5-8 year old child in our Malawi school for a year

£10 can help provide books for the after-school tuition centres

An extra year of schooling has been proven to significantly impact future life prospects: amongst other benefits, children whose mothers can read are 50% more likely to live past the age of 5, literacy has an enormous impact on HIV-AIDS prevention, and future earnings can rise by 7-10% meaning that the children of today have a far better chance of building better lives for their families of tomorrow.

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By cheque made payable to the Wings of Hope, and sent to our postal address: 12 Iron Bridge Close, Great Central Way, London NW10 0UF

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Thank you for your support.